Our Team

The team who are offering confidential support are all registered members of SAFPAC and / or UKCP or are completing their training with SAFPAC. Our members receive regular supervision and are empthatic, confidential and caring. The professional team consists of:

Dr. Angela Rogers

Dr. Anthony McSherry

Dr. Bahareh Haghighat-Khah

Dr Christian Buckland

Collin Siemer

Daniel Wallis

Dr. Darren McClounan

Prof Del Loewenthal

Diana Brotherton

Dr. Elizabeth Nicholl

Dr. Erik Abrams

Francesca Robinson

Georgina Hamilton

Helen Sproat

Hille Wismayer

Jean Burke

Dr. Jo Gee

Jozef Bries

Judith Apps

Dr. Julia Cayne

Melita Rova

Miranda Kersley

Sasha Stojovic

Sally Parsloe

Dr. Seth Osborne

Dr.Tom Cotton

Trish Talens

Yana Flint

For an informative conversation with one of our clinical members or to apply for our emotional support service please contact us by email at info@safpacfrontline.co.uk or complete our enquiry form.