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During this current pandemic, we are offering free and confidential emotional support via telephone and online services. This is available only to frontline staff working in the covid19 situation

Online / telephone indiviudal support

We are aware of the extra demands placed upon our frontline colleagues and are provdiing short term individual support over the telephone or online with one of our accredited or trainee psychotherapeutic counsellors or psychotherapists. Sessions are conducted over a range of online mediums including Skype, Zoom, Facetime and Whatsapp. All trainees will receive suppervision with one of the clinical SAFPAC teams. Many frontline members of staff are living in self isolation meaning that after their working day they are going home to empty homes, there are also those who live with the worry of infecting their household. There are many reasons for reaching out for emotional support from SAFPAC and we will treat all sessions as confidential.

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Online support group

For specific groups of frontline workers we are providing online support groups. These occur at the same team each week and run for 8 weeks. Currently the groups will be for nurses and clinical nursing staff, GPs and Hospital doctors and consultants. We have seperated the groups out specifically in order that members of each group are with their occupational peers to help share supportive methods, share difficult stories and to provide contact outside of their working environment.

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All of the clinical team providing online and telephone individual support are either full clinical members of SAFPAC and / or UKCP or are trainees completing their training programmes with SAFPAC as either a psychotherapeutic counsellor or psychotherapist. The group programmes are all facilitated by Dr Christian Buckland who is a SAFPAC and UKCP clinical member. For more information about how SAFPAC Frontline may be able to help please complete our online enquiry form or email

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